Expat and buying a house in the Netherlands

You work in the Netherlands. You like it here and are keen to live here. As an expat working in the Netherlands, there is nothing to stop you buying a house here; however, it is important that you get yourself well prepared before you start looking. This will help avoid disappointment later on.

Hypotheek Visie’s financial advisor is happy to explain the possibilities and what you need to look out for.

Expat mortgage

Rent or buy?

Whether renting or buying a home suits you best will depend on your financial resources and your personal preferences. Rented accommodation in Amsterdam is scarce. What is more, the homes that are available are relatively very expensive. If your financial position makes buying a home an option, then this is certainly worth considering.

In order to buy a home you need to take out a mortgage. The size of the mortgage you are allowed to take out depends upon your income. If there are any particular rules that apply to you, such as the so-called 30% rule, this will affect the maximum you are allowed to borrow. Our advisor will be pleased to work out exactly how much you are able to borrow

Mortgage interest is tax deductible

In the Netherlands, the mortgage interest you pay is tax deductible; however, you do have to meet a number of conditions. If you would like to know if you are eligible, ask Hypotheek Visie.

30% rule

Employees who have come to the Netherlands from abroad to work may be eligible for the so-called 30% rule. If you meet all of the conditions, then you are allowed to earn up to 30% of your wages tax free. For as long as this rule is in force, the rule can, in some cases, lead to additional borrowing power.

Hypotheek Visie ‘s advisor will be happy to help you examine all your options. You will receive independent advice about what suits you most, based on your wishes and financial possibilities.

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